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If I move out of my home, how long do I have to sell my home?
As far are you lender in concerned, as long as you are making your mortgage payment on time every month they most likely won't care. Now for your insurance company they normally don't like the home to be vacant more than 30 - 60 days, they may decide to discontinue your policy. Your lender will...
We have a conv loan, first at 168,900, second 47,790 appraised last yr for 193,000.
The only other thing that may come up as an issue is the 2nd mortgage lender has to be willing to re-subordinate.
i need to get a loan for 12,000.oo, my home is valued at 75000,oo. credit rate 685
Unfortunately, I think you will find that most lenders minimum loan amounts will be $50,000 - $30,000 it is very hard to comply with all the regulations on smaller loans below these values. I think you best bet would be to go to a local bank and get a HELOC.

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