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Alan Van Zee's Answers

Had a short sale 4 years ago, want a conventional loan
The waiting period for conventional loans is this:7 years with less than 10% down.4 years with 10% down.2 years with 20% down.FHA, which only requires 3.5% down has a 3 year waiting period.
Can HARP be used for rental properties?
HARP is for refinance transactions only. If the current loan was originated prior to 5/31/2009, HARP is available for any occupancy type. Please note that the current loan must also be owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
are interest rates higher if you do a cash out refinance
Michelle,As stated by someone earlier, unless your loan to value is under 60%, or it is a VA loan, the COSTS are higher at the same interest rate versus a refinance where you don't take any cash out.It is important to note that with higher credit scores, the higher costs are not significant.
Any lenders offer usda 100% financing for first-time buyer
We do!Hawaii Mortgage Company, Inc.www.hawaiimortgage.net808-988-6622
Looking to refinance and get out of PMI. Do I need to use same lender that did the loan initially?
Matthew, You are not obligated to use the same lender. You should also obtain quotes for rates and fees from at least 3 lenders. Also if you are in lava zone 1 or 2, most lenders will not have the ability to provide financing.Aloha, Alan Van Zee, President, Hawaii Mortgage Company 808-988-6622.
I am looking at a 550k home, I have 100k to cover down payment and closing costs. What is my best option?
Mortgage insurance is required for any loan that exceeds 80% of the purchase price. You have approximately 18% for a down payment, which doesn't take into account about $4,000-$5,000 in total closing costs.If you absolutely don't have the 20% down, you will either pay for mortgage insurance in...
Is it possible to Refinance a VA second tier home loan?
Zach,Yes, I can help you refinance your existing VA loan, even if it was a second tier transaction. The VA IRRL program features no income or asset verification, and no appraisal is required.I look forward to hearing from you.Alan Van Zee, HAWAII Mortgage Company, Inc. 808-988-6622 NMLS #: 297154.
When a person dies and his child wants to assume the loan for real property in Arizona, does the child have to be appointed as a P
In almost all cases, mortgages today are not assumable. Regardless of being appointed a personal representative or other designation, you will most likely need to refinance.It is also well known that the current note holder may never find out that person died. You can transfer title of the property...
95% LTV
If the original loan was a VA loan, you'd have no problem refinancing, even if you no longer live in the home.An 85% loan is the highest I have found for your situation if not VA.
How do I qualify for a HARP Refi before December 2018.
If you are still curious about getting a HARP refinance, and wish to speak with someone on Oahu, please give me a call.Aloha, Alan.Hawaii Mortgage Company988-6622
Am I able to use a non occupant co borrower?
Yes, I do this all the time. Call me for more info.Alan Zukerkorn Van ZeePresidentNMLS #: 297154Hawaii Mortgage Company, Inc.443 Portlock RoadHonolulu, HI 96825NMLS #: 232582Office: 808.988.6622
HUD 184A Loans
Very few lenders do mortgages on HHL properties. First Hawaiian, Bank of Hawaii, and Home Street do the most.
HOA fees 90 days late. mortgage company put me in default. Can they do this?
If the HOA sent you a notice of default (and technically you are), the lender has the right under the terms of your mortgage to protect their interest. If the HOA were to foreclose, which is their remedy, it would affect the lender's interest (lien) in your property.

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