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"It Is What You Make of It!"

Seller/Servicer of Portfolio & Specialty Products w/ minimal overlays

FHA - Conforming/High Balance Specialties:
Streamlines available @ 560+
Manual underwrites < 620
No Credit - No Appraisal/AVM - No servicer restrictions
DTI's up to 47%/55%
No FICO Score...Assume 580 pricing!
No trade-line overlays
Short Sales - No seasoning
Flips under 90 days with > 20% appreciation
No seasoning requirement on Gift Funds
NOO Streamline w/o appraisal to 100%/125% CLTV
Streamlines OK to collect up to 60 days of interest

VA - Conforming/High Balance* Specialty 560+:
Purchase, IRRRL up to 100% LTV
VANA IRRRL up to 130% LTV
Cash Out to 90%
High Balance to 100% LTV*

Conventional Financing up to 95%
HARP/OA Specialty: FICO/DTI (per DU/LP) @ 200% LTV/CLTV
Expanded Approval - I, II & III eligible
30 day asset seasoning (LP only)
1 year 1040 per LP for Self Employed (LP only)
Assets used as qualifying Income (LP only)
Cash-Out NOO Co-Borrower
PIW's allowed
Freddie Mac (blended ratios) on NOO Co-Borrowers
Short sales seasoning - 2 years Conventional loans
Max DTI - determined by DU/LP approval
NOO Condos
CVF accepts transferred appraisals

Need a funding source? Clear Vision is offering Correspondent Warehouse lines with:
Reduced Net Worth & disclosure requirements
Have more control of your transaction &
Close in your own name.

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Account Executive

"Loans Don't Close Themselves"

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