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If you are asking why you would refinance with me at Bayburg Financial over a huge Charter Bank please allow me go over just a few of them.

*First we will not be beat on ANY rates or closing costs.(If you give us a written Good Faith Estimate on a deal from a major bank we WILL beat it based on that day's lending environment)
*Banks will ALWAYS give brokers the MUCH!! best rates do to the volume of business that we drive to them and those rates are always given to you below what you can get by going to a retail, small bank., or credit union.
*Our service is ABSOLUTELY second to none (I will take what ever path is necessary to make sure that you understand EVERYTHING and that you are comfortable with the transaction)
*Our turn times are between 10-30 days depending on the transaction (The major banks' average underwriting turn time for a refinance is 65 days!!!!)
*We have much more flexibility to give YOU the best deal. Charter banks( BofA, CITI, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc..) will always be looking out for THEIR best interest
*If your loan CAN be done we WILL do it.
*If you give us a written Good Faith Estimate on a deal from a major bank we WILL beat it based on that day's lending environment.

Most major retail banks will not work with you the way we will. Charter banks simply have too many borrowers going to their loan officers in their branches. These Banks' loan officers do not have the time to structure the loan properly and explain to you what is happening during the loan process and why. As a licensed mortgage loan originator I am required to be properly trained and pass national and state exams to get and maintain a lending license. We also must continuously complete ongoing continuing education to always be abreast of the most current lending policies, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the regulators. The major banks are allowed to hire loan officers without proper training and licensing simply because they are so big. Their loan officers are not held to such standards because the 5 majors banks have been deemed by Uncle Sam to be too big to fail so it matters very little if those bank's employees make mistakes.

There are so many reasons to consult with me before you embark on your home finance transaction so I sincerely hope that I get the chance to speak with you for a no cost consultation to help you and to hopefully gain the opportunity to EARN your business.

Best regards,

Alex E. Rinehart
Senior Loan Officer
Bayburg Financial
2972 NW 60th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: 561-662-7240
Fax : 954-230-8050
MNLS # 875154

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