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As a native Californian I have lived through the highs and lows of the state's economy. 2010 is here and has brought with it one of the toughest economic times the state has ever faced. For California to pull through we need to get business going again and one way of doing this is through real estate. Real estate is one of the major components for the California's economy and if the state's economy is going to recover real estate will be part of the recovery. The real estate market is starting to show signs of recovery, which is leading to great opportunities!!!

Experience: Over the past ten years I have split my focus between residential and commercial real estate and have gained an intimate knowledge of each as well as: mortgage & finance, title & escrow and transaction management. Clients can rest assured they are being well represented no matter how complicated or difficult the transaction may be...

My Approach:I approach each transaction as a new beginning and bring energy and a positive attitude into every aspect of the deal. As a natural networker I understand the value of building new relationships and maintaining existing ones. In a field that requires frequent personal interaction, I find my natural enthusiasm and professionalism helps me connect with my clients.

Background: With an appreciation for both finance and real estate, I tend to bring a holistic approach to each transaction. With over ten years experience financing properties I can be a resource to address any financial concerns you may have, and as a real estate professional I am well versed in the Sacramento Region's unique neighborhoods. I work tirelessly with my clients until they find a property they are excited about and eager to move into. I listen carefully to what my client's value most and help them find a home that is specific to their requests. I believe that the better I get to know someone, the more I am able to understand their needs, and the more effective I am in finding them the perfect property...

Above all, I believe in conducting business based on honesty and respect. I realize real estate transactions in most cases can be an emotionally invested process and I deal with each client in a manner that I would hope to be treated if I were in their shoes....

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