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Alexander K's Answers

Are there any no doc loans or stated income loans available?
There are some wholesale lenders in southern california who offer whats called VOE loans. They do verification of employment only. Thats the closest thing to state income loans these days. But you shouldn't submit if the client really doesn't have a job. Only for someone who actually has the...
WHat is the highest LTV for the best refi rates? IS 95% still good?
Yes 95% ltv is still good. Call me with your scenario, I am a wholesale lender but I can refer you to one of our retail reps. Alex-213-739-4332
What is IRRRL? Alex- 213-739-4332
Is this dip in rates a trend or just a one-time thing? Should we lock now?
US interest rates started better this morning on continuing increases on oil prices; the stock market key indexes pre-open were trading weaker. Crude oil continues to increase, West Texas Intermediate oil trading over $100.00 a barrel early today while Brent Sea oil is at $120.00 a barrel (see below...
hi i was wondering if me and my husband would qualify for a home loan of about 200, 000 we are fist time home buyers .... also my husband credit is like 650 last time we checked and i dont really have nor good or bad just starded building my credit..... Do you think we have a change??
Carmen, the good news is $200,000 is not a very high loan amount. For an FHA loan, with an average interest rate of 5% right now with minimum down payment (3.5%-5%) your payment should be around $1,100 per month (just an estimate with mortgage insurance). Call me ASAP! 213-739-4332 if you're...
Need a phone #
213-739-4332 for the best rates. cell: 213-909-8727 for the best service.
How is the FHA loan pricess started and what is needed?
Heather, FHA loans are a good way to buy your first house if you plan on putting down a minimum deposit. But there are some disadvantages in getting a high loan to value loan. Please call me at 213-739-4332 to go over all the pros and cons to a FHA loan. Also I can share with you some unique ways to find your next...
We have tried and tried to refinance but have a very high debt ratio---we have never missed a payment but NO one will help us--we have been turned down all the time----why won't anyone help us get a loan to refinance everything.....can you help???
Unfortunately most of the banks have the same guidelines since they all lend practically the same money. In your particular case I may have the right person I can refer you to. You can call me if all else fails: 213-739-4332.
Job History
Unfortunately, most lenders do require 2 years of taxes to verify consisten income. However, there's a private lender that I may be able to refer you to where they do just a current verification of employment? Feel free to call me if all your other options fail. Their rates are a bit higher. Alex at...
Trying to avoid bankruptcy----mortgage advice
where is the property located? Alex 213-739-4332
How can I clean up my credit for a home mortgage?
Hey I just recently bought a credit repair kit with all the templates to clean up your credit. If you give me a shot with your mortgage loan, I will gladly send it to you. Alex. 213-281-1789
When applying for reverse mortgage for my parents, can we use my credit?
The best answer in my opinion was given by Bert Carpenter. Unfortunately I can't do Texas so in this case you should find someone local. You should also Google the lender and make sure they don't have any bad reveiws on reverse mortgages because it can be very confusing. Alex
"The Money Store Mortgage" reviews and/or complaints
I am located in Irvine, CA. Please come visit us so we can do business face to face. Alex. 213-281-1789. I will offer you an offer you can't refuse.
Can I get a lower interest rate/payment if my credit score is below 600 and I have some lates on my mortgage
I would think its better for you to try to improve your credit score first. Trying to get a loan with a 600 credit score is not going to be easy because most lenders will not want to take that kind of risk on you and more importantly they will charge you an arm and a leg for something that you can fix and do...
Want to refi but don't qualify for HARP & don't have 80% LTV
Yes. You have one option i can think of....DU REFI PLUS. 800-323-1899 ask for alex
I'm a first time home buyer with a 740 credit score..Can I qualify for a loan?
Hello Frank, From the looks of it you should be qualified but there's a lot more to it than what you may think. First off, the most important thing in a FHA purchase is sourcing of your down payment. We need to take a thorough look at your down payment source, unless its a total gift. Next, your credit is...
Should I invest my money in or finance?
you should call me. I have some great contacts for you in my building. alex 213-281-1789.
They are both good depending on your plans and goals. With that kind of credit score and the price range of the home you are looking for you may want to first decide on which loan program you want to take first. Please call me to discuss. 949-450-0980. Alex.

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