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Ali Talab's Answers

30 year or 15 year refi
Hello,I have couple of questions for you:What is your loan amount?and what is the value of your property?http://www.NOCOSTLOANOPTION.COMPlease call to discuss.408-858-9300 Dir Ali
Found house, need a loan ASAP
Let me discuss your scenario with my lender.Please send me a link @ Loans@Nocostloanoption.com408-858-9300 ali.
pre-approved for mortgage
I am a 14 yrs seasoned mortgage broker from Campbell.Please call me , i will explain in details.www.NOCSOTLOANOPTION.COMWWW.AliBTalab.comAli B Talab408-858-9300
What happens if a lender audits your mortgage and finds an error?
The last day work did not just come out of the thin hair.You knew about it along the loan process.You must had given your 30 days notice to your employer. So, you knew that you will be out of job by the time the loan withhold the truth and in fact you lied and committed conspiracy to defraud the lender...
How many points to lenders charge for refi?
Hello, Please call me in person and allow me to explain in person. 408-858-9300 ALI TALAB www.CAeMortgages.comSr.Loan agent.......... Alliance Bay Funding , Inc.

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