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Allen Wang's Answers

do i have to pay PMI if I have to refinance my loan using VA?
No PMI with VA loan; there is a VA funding fee, but can be financed into the loan.
What kind of 5/1 rates are available? I have a loan at 450K.
Since the loan amount is over 417k, this will be considered as an Conventional High Balance. The 5/1 ARM rate on high balance is at 2.875%; however, you will need to have a 740+ middle score, and 75% or less loan to value. If your property is a Condo, a property type adjustment will apply to it. Allen Wang;...
do short sale waiting periods change at all depending on loan type
Hello, if you were behind on your mortgage for over 120+ days (more than 4 months without paying the mortgage) when you did the short sale, then DU will consider you had a foreclosure. Under Foreclosure, you will need to wait for 7 years before you can purchase again. However, FHA mortgage only had a three...
If i am a veteran but my mortgage is not fannie mae or freddie mac how can i refinance if i am under
Yes, a VA streamline refinance is available for you. Please give me a ring so we can go through some options.
Whats the max DTI i can have for a mortgage? mine is 39%
46 for housing, 56% max total for FHA. 45% for DU, 50% for LP.
630 credi score in Maryland 80/20 loan to value ratio. Current 5.25 % 30 year fixed
We allow 620 FICO, but will need more details in order for me to see what to assist you with. Allen @ 703-459-8899 or
Is there down payment help for first time home buyers who just graduated from school?
Will FHA an option for you (3.5% down payment), or Conventional My Community program with 3% down.
Was denied a VA loan since my credit is 590. Is there another bank that works with my situation?
Yes, we do VA loan with 580 FICO. Please feel free to contact me at 703-459-8899, Thanks Allen Wang

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