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Amber Bushnell's Answers

Can I get a mortgage loan!
This dilemma is common. The new W-2 income does help. There are programs that my company offers that may resolve your dilemma. Call me and allow me the oppertunity to review. 724-791-9933. Amber
Am I contractually obligated to continue if I signed an "intent to proceed" document?
In lending it is never over until the loan closes and the recision period is over. In short if you have not closed and are in any way unhappy you may want to try another lender. I will be happy to provide you a no cost no obligation quote. Amber L.. Bushnell Loan Officer Golden Oak Lending20206 Route 19, Suite...
Mortgage after bankruptcy, no reaffirmation, stay & pay situation
I called my corporate office about your situation and I am getting great feed back, but will Wells give usPayment history?Accurate pay off?Can you tell me what your current score is and month and year that the Chp7 discharged?Also value of the home (approximate) and how much you owe?Are you...
union boilermaker for 8 years making 70,000 to 80,000 a year working 6 months a year how do i go about getting a home mortagage?
I actually just did this for a union crane operator, same scenario, the union would send him to maybe 10-15 diferent jobs for 10 days, 8 days , 1 day etc. all said and done he worked 6 months per year average and we closed in 4 weeks. Call me @ 724-742-2383. I am local here in the North Hills. Amber L. Bushnell NMLA...
Rates for conventional mortgages for high DTI borrowers
I agree this sounds very much like a conventional home loan purchase. I would have to say you are probably fine, but I have been doing this for a long time and I must ask you if their are any other extenuating circumstances or issues?Amber Bushnell 724-791-3100
will i qualify for usda
If home is in USDA qualifying area you must also income qualify for the nimber of people in your household. My company does a lot of USDA I am very familiar with these loans. Great option for a purchase. I will be in my office Saturday call me at 724 791 3100 and I can pre qualify you in like 15 minutes. Amber

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