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Andrea Varvolis's Answers

Does anyone know of banks offering 90% LTV on vacation condos?
Hi, I have a lender that offers 80 LTV on vacation condos. Let me know if you'd like to discuss. Contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
Looking to refinance but according to zillow our house is not worth what we owe loan not backed by frannie/Freddy help?
Hi, Zillow is usually on the low side, I can maybe help you but I'd need more information. If you'd like to discuss, contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
I have a credit of 624 according to creditkarma and i am interested in purchasing a house? would it be possible with my score?
Hi, yes we deal with lenders that will accept a score of 624 but I would need more information. Please contact me if you would like to discuss at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
Can I refinance under Harp 2 with an upside down mortgage that has LPMI?
Hi, Yes our lenders will do Harp 2 with LPMI. We are local and can help you. If you'd like to discuss please contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
Mortgage with fiance middle score 600, mine 720, combined income of 103,000 yearly in PA?
Hi, we can help you with a refinance or a purchase, whichever you are looking for at this time. You can contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
About a mortgage
I can try and help you with a few more details, you can contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
Can I convert my FHA loan to a Conventional Loan?
Hi, I am with Monument Mortgage, a local company, and we can refinance your mortgage with no PMI, probably at a lower interest rate and save you money every month. I'd be happy to meet you and go over your options and discuss. Please contact me at 215-272-1157 or andrea@monumentmortgage...
i have bad credit
Do you know your credit score? We deal with a few lender that take lower scores. Thanks, Andrea 215-272-1157
are ARMS good for investment properties
I work with a local PA mortgage broker. If you'd like to discuss options please give me a call or email me.Thanks,Andrea andrea@monumentmortgage.net215-272-1157
My husband and I were waiting for HARP 3 because we owe more on our home than it is worth. What can we do?
Hi,I work with a PA broker and have lender programs that can help you. Please give me a call or email me to discuss. Thank you,Andreaandrea@monumentmortgage.net215-272-1157
a 645 credit rating with 1500.00 down on 70,000 where is the best place to apply
There are some programs that will do 100% financing depending where the house is located. To discuss give me a call or email me at,Andrea Monument Mortgage215-272-1157
house is worth approx. 220,000. Currently owe 175000. Credit scores are under 600. how much can I takeout
We can discuss your different options. You can contact me at or call 215-272-1157.Thanks,AndreaMonument Mortgage
which is faster: prequalify or preapproval
I can explain in detail if you'd like, please contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thanks, Andrea
Will I be denyed a mortgage because of 1,500 of unsourced money?
No you wouldn't be denied, you'd just have to explain where it came from in a letter. If you have more questions please contact me at or 215-272-1157. Thank you, Andrea
how can i get a "non-conforming" mortgage?
Depending on what your debt ratio is now. We can discuss your options if you'd like, if so, then give me a call or email me to discuss further. Thanks, Andrea 215-272-1157
USDA loan what?
Hi, We have lenders that would be able to finance an USDA loan with your scores. Email me or give me a call. or 215-272-1157Thanks,Andrea
refi on a farm
Hi, I can look into what options you have to choose from with some more details. Please give me a call or email me at or 215-272-1157.Thanks,Andrea
Looking for Mortgage Broker specialising in Foreign Income in the greater Philadelphia
Hi, that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'm a local broker right outside of Philadelphia and would be happy to help you. We have several wholesale lenders we deal with so we'd be able to get you a great rate. Please contact me if interested at 215-666-6300 or andrea@mainstreetmortgagecompany.comThank...
If Refi Company forgot to include all my creditors to payoff what is my recourse?
Not sure how that's possible, I'd look over it for you and let you know your options.Please give me call.Thanks,Andrea215-272-1157
Looking for a VA loan for $290,000. What kind of costs would I be expected to pay out of pocket?
Hi, depends on a few different things, let me know if you'd like to discuss. I'm local to you, you're are very close by. Give me a call or email to discuss further. Thanks,

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