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Different in our approach: the thought process of a financial planner.

Expert in: VA financing. Also providing FHA , Conventional, USDA and Reverse Mortgage financing.

I founded our company with the belief that we need to educate and empower our clients when it comes to mortgage and finance. When you see the words "Always in your best interest" on our website or company materials, know that they are the foundation upon which our company is built, and the standard against which our decisions are made when it comes to advising you about your finances.

Because we do this every day, we are exposed to information that most people are not, especially in the area of personal finance and credit. With that knowledge comes an obligation to help our clients to learn and understand what effects their financial situation--positively and negatively--and then pass that information on to them so our clients can make educated decisions for themselves. And when it comes to the mortgage transaction specifically, our hope is that when it's completed our clients will not only understand the process through which they've come, they'll feel as if it's the finest mortgage finance experience they've ever had. When our clients refer us to friends and family, we know we've accomplished our goal.

Thank you:

Thank you for spending time getting to know a little bit about me and WealthWise Mortgage Planning. My goal is to have you as a client and friend for life. While I welcome any comments you might have about your experience with us, I am especially interested in ways that we can improve so that each successive loan experience is better than the last.

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