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203K Specialist
I have been specializing in Renovation and Construction loans for more than 16 years. If you are looking at a property that is in need of repair you need to work with a loan officer that doesn't just have access to these programs but a loan officer that has experience actually closing these loans. Year to date I am closing 203K loans from application to closing in 38 days!


This 203K loan that took 21 days from application to closing!


The closing went smoothly - It's a testament to you and your company. Everyone seemed dedicated to having this close on time, which you can imagine I surely appreciate. Ablitt (the closing attorney) did a great job as well and were very attentive and positive. Thanks for making this go so well. After all the horror stories I'd read/heard, I thought I was bound to close a month late.

After going through the process, I can agree that with a good team on your side, there's no reason why closing this type of loan should get delayed. thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness throughout. My wife couldn't believe it when I told her you and I were emailing at 10pm on a Sunday. I feel you went beyond what most would do in your position and the best way I can repay you is to refer business your way, which I will happily do."

- Seth, Brighton MA

Saved my first home purchase
I was 2 weeks away from closing my loan on my first home. My loan type was a 203K loan. 11 days away from closing, another bank (a large red white and blue bank) droppped me after initally approving my loan.I was just about to quit on the entire process, till I found Andrew's name online and he saved the entire process.Andrew picked up the pieces, put the loan through, and closed on time IN 11 DAYS!!! Andrew had the loan through underwriting in 1 day, a process at my former bank that took 3 weeks.Andrew and his team are truly top notch. I could not give a higher recomondation.
By ryan.morell on May 19, 2011
What is FHA 203K Financing? This loan program allows you to in addition borrow funds to purchase the property, but also borrow funds to repair the property in a single loan. In my humble opinion the greatest opportunity for...

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