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Anthony Battista's Answers

1st time home-buyers with conventional loan AND non-occupying coborrowers
Vikki,As far as I know there is not conventional program that only requires 3.5% down, unless you have a spacific bank that will offer that program. I work with a bank that offers a 97% ltv (3% DOWN) lender paid MI program, but the rate is going to be a little higher depending a couple of other compensating...
I would like to buy a house for 190'000 but I have a low credit score of 630. My income is 72800 per year and I live in Illiinois.
You should be fine. I have a few lenders that work with lower credit scores. With good income and decent down payment I know I can get you approved. Give me a call. My name is Tony and I work for Great Mortgage, I can be reached at 815-260-9728. I look forward to speakng with you. Have a good night.
How can i qualify for a usda loan after my previous short sale?
How long ago was the short sale and do you have any idea what your credit score might be.
How Can I stretch my mortgage from 15 to 30 year
Good Evening, The best way to lower you monthy payment would be to increase your term. To find out the best option to fit your needs please fill out the secure online application at or contact me at 815-260-9728. I am available any time....

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