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Anthony PapaGiorgio's Answers

What is the minimum down payment for a 203k loan?
What everyone else said. There are also some federal agencies that can assist in the down payment, and it may also be a gift from a family member
Can I refinance a second home through HARP?
Yes, second homes can be refinanced through the HARP program as well. Depending on the lender, they may have tighter criteria but it can certainly be done.
How do I qualify for an FHA mortgage. Do you offer thosa. Do I qualify? Thanks.
You will have to talk with a broker and give more information on your situation. Most lenders offer FHA mortgages. The property must be FHA approved and you must qualify as well. 620+ credit and decent debt to income levels will be needed.
i make 25k and have a 740 credit score can I buy a house
Potentially yes. There are more things to consider though aside from your income and credit score. Your current debt has to be considered among other things. 25K does limit your possibilities but you may still find something in your area. Talk to a local professional and after they hear more about your...
Middle credit score of 624 (and what is in my credit report) a barrier for a HARP loan if all other requirements are met?
Actually, contrary to what a few of the others have said here, you can accomplish the refi with a score of 624. There are actually quite a few lenders that allow a 620+ credit score on HARP. If you're getting into the extreme LTV range of over 125%, there are fewer lenders who can do it at that range, but...
90% or 100% LTV Options?
That ltv is too high. You can go up to 85% ltv with your cash out with most of the lenders that I work with. Unfortunately you have too much loan at the current time.
Harp Loan in Florida - 200%+ LTV
Hi Grobin,Although a lot of lenders aren't going over 125%, there still are some that offer the true unlimited ltv. Usually above 125% though, they add a couple restrictions such as credit needing to be above 680 and tighter debt to income ratios. Like Ralph, my rate for that today would be 4% with...
FHA Escrow Taxes why so much
With the escrow you already have it may be refunded to you after closing or depending on your lender be applied to your payoff. It wouldn't be considered cash out.
Refinance Question
Yes. The fact that it is owned by a private investor doesn't mean you can't refinance. You do obviously need to qualify to refinance though, and talking with an experienced local lender would be a good next step to take. If after talking with them everything seems to be in good shape, see what...
To be prepared to speak with a lender, what are some smart questions to ask when applying for a mortgage?
If you're applying for a mortgage, you most likely have a good idea of what you're trying to accomplish and if not then explain what you are looking for and ask them to explain all sorts of different options in order to find out what fits best for you. You'll want to know the total costs of...
Refinancing a Underwater Investment Property
Well, with the date you refinanced at last you wouldn't be eligible for harp. Paying it down to 100% ltv wouldn't help in this case. But depending on your current mortgage type there may be some other options to consider, what type of mortgage are you currently in?
im looking for the best construction loan rates with the lowest down payment any ideas?
Hi there, I have a couple of great lenders that I can refer you to if you're still searching for the right one. Let me know if you'd like me to make an introduction
are loans available on manfactured homes
Hi Brykli, there are loans available on manufactured homes, and it is something our bank does quite a few of. If you would like some assistance let me know and I can help point you in the right direction
What is the maximum dti when purchasing a second home?
Hi AGrande, the benchmark of 45% that everyone is mentioning is accurate. If you would like some assistance figuring your correct dti and seeing how much you can borrow up to then I would be glad to help
Home equity loan with good credit but hight debt ratio
Hi vmakus and thanks for sharing your situation. Obviously your debt ratio is a bit of a roadblock at the moment. What type of mortgage are you currently in? Conventional, FHA, VA?

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