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Anthony Piccone's Answers

can i prequalify for a home loan if I do not have one of my W2s?
You do not need both yrs W-2. If you have 2 yrs tax returns that will suffice. We also pull a 4506 tax transcript and your W-2 info will appear on those as well. It is not a requirement although some lenders afraid of not being able to sell their loans will fall on their swords and ask for it. We will not.
fha 203k loan qualifications
Our firm is not licensed in your state but I would be happy to answer any questions for you offline.
what is the minimum required credit score for fha loan with 3.5% down
We offer loans to borrowers with scores down to 580 unfortunately we are not able to lend in the Great State of Alabama. Shop around there are folks who do them, be prepared to pay higher then market rate due to add ons and risk factors for low scores. Also be prepared to have to provide more documentation...
How long do I have to wait to apply for a refinance on my property?
To confirm Sharon's response as long as you can provide a paystub showing your wages and year to date you should be OK ont he employment - give us a call we are right here in South Jersey.
Do you know of anyone who lends in NJ for someone with a 630 credit score?
7th Level would be glad to help... 856-322-0233 ext 101 thanks Anthony
can i buy a home with fha if i dont live there all the time but it is my only residence?
It must be your primary residence as reported on your tax returns and documented by your drivers license etc... plenty of borrowers snowbird and live different places throughout the year. As long as you can document primary residence the answer is yes.
I would like information on a stream line fha loan. Will there be closing cost and a apprasial
We would be happy to help - visit us at or give us a call 856-322-0233. The quote is free!
Is the 2 year waiting period mandatory after a chapter 13 bankruptcy is discharged?
If you meet the location and income thresholds you may qualify for a USDA loan in which case, its 12 months on a chptr 13. 102% financing available.
My father has a VA mortgage loan, my mom is not...what happens?
There are alot of situations whereby the surviving spouse will have the opportunity to either assume the VA loan in her name or refinance the property so that the mortgage is in her name. You need to contact the servicing lender and have your dad's original note and VA benefits reviewed to check to...
how do i save for a down payment
You have some very good answers offered by the previous folks - however remember that if you are a qualifying veteran or if you qualify for a USDA loan, both programs offer 100% financing. These are government insured loans, ask a local loan officer or one of the folks who responded that is licensed in...
when might HARP 3 pass?
In my humble opinion, in the absence of critically negative economic news from Europe and the continued irrational excuberance of the US economy (read BS market pumping about how much the economy is recovering, which it isn't in real terms) I think we have a real chance of the Congress leaving...
is there an age limit on a VA mortgage loan?
No Sir - not ever. Please feel free to give me a call. We are an award winning veteran owned company. Vets serving Vets. or 856-322-0233 ext 101. Ask for Anthony
Can you get mortgage refinancing with a 710 credit score?
Tom, your score is very good, 720 and above is top tier but it is often negligible and typically affects the banks pricing and not necessarily your rate, spreads between coupons at that level are usually very tight so I think you should begin now - rates have turned the corner over the past two weeks and...

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