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Licensed in Texas and Florida and based in Houston, Joan Gallardo has 15+ years of experience serving government, conforming and non-conforming loans with low fees and even better rates.

Extensive experience in FHA, VA, USDA (Rural), Conventional, Jumbo, Sub-Prime, Hard Money and Stated Income / Stated Assets Loan Programs.

Joan enjoys working with clients whom have no problems following Loan Officer instructions and are able to email all income/asset documents required for a loan approval in a timely fashion. This kind of communication secures the cheapest posible loans avoiding the need for lock extensions.

Furthermore, Joan understands his customers concerns sharing personal documents over the internet and its privacy and security. This is why servers only uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology designed to provide cryptographic or encryption protocols for communication security over the internet. Note webside address with https Secure.

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