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Art Carrasco's Answers

I would like to refinance an assumeable VA loan.
If you have a VA loan then it can be refinanced because all VA loans are assumable. It many or many not benefit you to refinance the home using the VA loan. There may be other programs that would have a lower rate or lower payment. It will depend on your circumstances. Please feel free to call or email and we can...
I have a house with my boyfriend. I'm trying to move on my own I would like to now what I could do to buy me a house.
Dear New Homeowner,There are a few questions that would have to be answered. Are you on the mortgage with your boyfriend? Who makes the mortgage payment? How is the mortgage payment made? Once these questions are answered we can tell you the different programs that would work for you to buy a home. ...
gettig rate quote on manufacture property using usda loan?
Yes, you can get a mortgage loan under USDA or FHA or Conv. with your credit score. There are several other factors to look at to make sure you qualify. Having a good credit score is a start. If you need any additional information please feel free to call or emailCreative lending Corp. 505-346-5468 or...

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