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Arthur Candelaria's Answers

Can I get a loan with my I tin #
Remember Cash is king! With the right amount of money down you can, But your rate will be higher!
Is it worth it to refinance a VA 30 year Loan to a VA 15 year loan. Current rate is 4.75%. We have excellent credit.
Yes it would be worth it, watch out for low rates that sound to good to be true, if it sounds to good to be true than it is,. you also can make 6 additional payments a year but make sure the payments go directly towards your principal not your interest and you will accomplish paying down your principal and you...
refinance my 80/20 loan in Colorado??
Your the last of the Mohicans! Fyi the feds are looking for any port in the storm to start raising long term rates and the trend seems to be upward, really don't know how long this rally will last, I would not play the fence sitter card, even know over the past year rates have only moved a quarter max,. know...
If my parents cosign for us on a loan, can we still get a first time homebuyer discount?
There are different types of loans that will do the same thing! and there are Some Dpa's that you can not have a co signer!

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