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Ashlee Sandusky's Answers

What are the resonable lender fees for a $400K home (condo) purchase?
With our company we are not able to do anything about the lender fees because they are what the company that is actually giving the loan charges, but lately to stay competitive we have been waiving the 1% origination fee. I would get maybe 3 or 4 companies to give you a Good Faith Estimate and compare to see...
What is a good faith estimate? How long into the loan process should I be getting that? In the beginning or end?
A good faith estimate gives you an idea of what fees you or a seller will have to pay. Keep in mind they are not exact, but they should be relatively close. This form is given should be given with all the initial disclosures after an application is taken. This allows the borrower to make a concrete decision...
Can i get financed with this situation? - Please help
You should really call a local loan officer or go to a local lender so that they piece all of this information together and be able to see you and your wife situation completely. I know for one of our prime lenders they look for charge off on your credit up to 12 months, but if your credit score isn't...

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