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Bradley Manhoff's Answers

Why am I getting declined for a Harp 2.0 refinance through Freddie Mac's automated underwriting system.
The simple answer is the lenders appear not to trust Fannie Mae. The overlays mentioned in other comments were tightened almost daily. Tightening overlays helps improve the quality of loans a leder originates. Should Fannie change the rules a lender is less likely to have unsaleable loans. I hope that...
580 fico, purchase, AZ, max mtg amount, 3.5% down. Anyone??? thx
I would have to answer your question with a question. Why the 580 score? If you have a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure that could greatly affect your chances. On a good note, it may be worth reviewing your credit to see if your score can be improved. Food for thought.
First time home buyer with W-2 question
I am going to have mirror Mr. Acres comments, no credit can work. Definitely look locally for a broker, ask friends or co-workers for solid referral. Good luck and feel free to email me direct for advice.Best Regards,Brad
How do you get a home loan as an entrepreneur?
There are some lenders that will use an asset depletion calculation to determine income. If you have a large investment account they can use, then you may consider that option. There is always the private money option. These days its not as expensive as it used to be.
anyone out there doing candian loans???
There are some options out for Canadians,. Its not as easy as it used to be. Feel free to contact me at 602-980-LOAN (5626) Brad
What are reasonable lender fees for a $400K condo?
as far underwriting we have an average of about $995 that we see...
Hard Money or Traditional Loan
Try a side by side comparison with the terms and consider different time frames. Sometimes the extra cost involved in the private money option outweighs the headaches that can come from traditional underwriting. You may also be able to negotiate better terms with your trades if you have a more...

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