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People often ask, how did you get into this business? Like most Loan Consultants, I didn't grow up dreaming about the mortgage industry, I fell into it. What keeps me passionate is that I know I make a difference to you and others in our community.

We all know that besides food and water, having shelter is one of the necessities in life. Since becoming a Loan Consultant, I've seen what a big impact home ownership has on peoples lives. I have personally seen how home ownership shifts a person into taking pride in their community. Home ownership contributes to the foundation of a strong family, community, and is an investment for your future. Every day I enjoy the gift of helping others and having the opportunity to create positive change in our community

I'm proud to be a part of Evergreen Home Loans, your neighborhood lender for over 21 years. Our roots are in the communities we serve, and this differentiates us from most lenders. We are proud of our unique culture, which encourages us to deliver the highest levels of service and integrity.

You can count on my sense of passion for all customers, the willingness to create positive change for our community, and a desire to be a role model for our industry, which I serve with pride.

Whether your loan is for home improvements or to purchase the home of your dreams... I value your business. What's important to me is having your best interest at heart. I look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

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