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Brian Allen's Answers

Underwater Loan, Freddie Mac, what can we do?
The HARP requirements will ring true for those who have been left out will you qualify? Home Affordable Refinance Program has been updated allowing more homeowner's to take advantage of the program. The New HARP Mortgage Program Guidelines have several benefits for home owners: oThe program...
Need to consolidate mortgage and home equity loan into refinance
All sounds good acceptable equity and scores apply today to get great rates. I'm Brian and can be reached at
Which loan would be better for refinancing?
The fixed rate is your best option you will elliminate interest rate risk in the future you may also consider a 15yr mortgage. We're 4% for VA 30 and 3.5% for 15 in Texas.I can be reached at or 240-750-8315
Home equity loan for remodel, possible to refinance after?
What type of loan do you currently have and rate? The answer to your questions is Yes if your improvements are costing $72K or less? if it is then you can do this the equity loan will use the existing value x 90% - existing mortgage. If your impovements are more you may obtain a construction loan that will...
Do I qualify for the new HARP program?
Scott as of today the program is just being rolled out on the outset your loan has to be identified as a Fannie or Freddie and been originated or placed in pool of mortgage on or befor June 2009 if all is within these guidelines then your mortgage will qualify you wil need to have a score of 640 or more and an...
Since, you have credit scores from the three major credit reporting agencies, which score does the mortgage lender use to determine your interest rate?
All answers are sound let me add the scores you have from those ponline engines will not be the same scores each of us will pull. As explained there are many factors and different engines that drive your scores. Better service reach me at NMLS # 187055
Commercial Mortgage with high income/debt ratio
Commercial lending follows a different path we will look at income from the business to make the loan 3 year history is required, down payment seems sufficient. Let me know if I can help
800 Credit Rating - and can't buy a condo in Las Vegas?
If the cond's are not on warrantable by FHA likely they are not on Fannie or Freddie list so doing conventional would require a larger down payment than 5%. Are there any retirement communities you could look into or a single family?
Wife has poor credit, should I not include her on mortgage?
Correct, you would be better buying the home and qualify on your income. NY is not a coummunity property state so it can be kept seperate. Certainly you should help improve her credit. I can be reached at for approval.
Wish to transfer home into my Son's name
Possibly you could consider an installment sale to your son since you are the seller and lender you can be flexible. The History could help your son build his credit when he is capable he can obtain bank financing to buy you out. (Note be sure to ask your tax professional is there are any drawbacks)
Should I refinance for 30 yrs or 25 yrs
The rate seems high even 5 years ago don't make the same mistake look 20 year is slightly beeter than a 30 year so I'm not in favor of doing a 20 year 30 will provide you savings and and if you stay and want to build equity make extra payments. Best service and attractive rates contact me at...
Refinance from a 5.5% rate
Provo, as all have stated you would do well by dropping your rate a full percntage point if not more you may also consider a 15 year. Like to know more you may be able to better on the costs. Free Analysis email me at
Refi to rent, or should I sell?
Yes, you can refinance to a better rate and take cash out to do your remodel knowledge, trust and service is what you require. Contact me at
What do I need for a mortgage.
Jennifer your on your way lets say your learning to walk certainly with your assets, income and very little debt you can afford a home. What we want to see is a least 2 credit lines and proof you pay your full rent for at least a year once this done your ready. Docs required W-2's, paystubs, and bank...
Home Loan inquiry San Francisco
Will do 50% LTV loan with pledge to 90% CLTV can provide more information if interested ARM products available, Contact me at
5-10% down no PMI/MIP
Are you a veteran? if not you will have to finance PMI or pay it monthly at 90% LTV on conventional loans and you have MIP on all FHA loans -it drops off at 80% LTV.
Can I only lend with a hard money loan?
I would like to help review your situation and see if we can increase that score or provide a timeline to reaching the appropriate credit score. Other factors such as cash down and other history may help you qualify. I can be reached at or 240-750-8315.
New home, sold old one
Jerred, Great you walked away with some cash and the answers above are all sound it may be that you may not need the cash (like the wall street guys that won the Lottery) and wish to always have equity in that sense make your down payment if you don't have the 8K don't worry appreciation may...
Need help on investment/new home question
Daniel, personal residence in my opinion should never be an investment your buying the home for it's attributes not for investment or quick appreciation. With rates so low finance your new home purchase with little down keeping your investments in tact continue to build on your investments ...
VA Loans
Was the loan 5 years ago a VA loan? if so you may not be able to restore your eligibility untill the debt is paid in full you will have to use FHA or Conventional financing. FHA requires a minium of 3 years after foreclosure, Fannie Mae requires 7 years and Freddie 5 years shorter if there were extenuating...

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