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can you get a mortgage with only one year of work history?
As long as you can show school transcripts you will be fine. If not you will have to be on the job for 6 months. We do FHA loans down to 580 score.
Here's the whole story
The underwriter will look at her current income. We can go to 46.9 / 56.9 debt ratios. If you are unsure you can spend a coulpe of minutes and fill out an application online Go to top left corner and select full secure loan aplication.
Like to purchase a $800K rental SFH with $300K down and $500K loan
You would need to take an application online or over the phone to determine if you qualify. You can call me at 224-420-9990. or go to my website
Can a seller or realtor credit back to a buyer any money for a FHA home purchase?
Yes a seller or realtor can contribute up to 6% of the sales price to cover closing costs, prepaids (tax and insurance escrow), and all of the Up front Mortgage Insurance premium. None of the seller contribution can go toward your down payment. You only need to show you have the min. required investment (3...
Fannie Mae selling my mortgage to avoid HARP?
Your loan is still owned by Fannie Mae. We can do a HARP loan for you and do not have to worry about your value. We can do HARP loans with unlimited loan to value. You will have to keep the second mtg. We cannot touch that loan. Please call me 224-420-9990.
Refinance help
You could qualify for a Conv, FHA or VA loan. It will depend on what kind of loan you currently have. With FHA or VA you will not need an appraisal. You can can stop by my office, I am in East Dundee, or you can call me 224-420-9990.
i have a conventional loan on my home, the morgage company(BB&T) told me it was a freddie mack loan,
You can do a HARP loan we do not care about value. Barclay Butler, Please call me. 224-420-9990.
Refinance with LMPI and HARP - is this too good to be true.....
Kaplan we can do your mtg. with whatever term you like. If you want to do a 25yr we can do that. We can also waive escrows for you up to 200% LTV. Barclay Butler, Barclay Butler Financial Inc., 224-420-9990. We are located in East Dundee IL. We lend in Illinois & Florida.
Condo hotel financing 2013
We can lend up to 70% LTV. Must have a 680 credit score rates start at 4.25 on a 3/1 arm. Takes about 30 days to close. Barclay Butler 224-420-9990.
What advantages are there for getting a conventional refinance over a VA refinance/IRRRL?
The VA loan will be a lower interest rate. The Conv. refi will depend on equity in home. There could be mortgage insurance on a conv. loan but not on a VA loan. I would do a VA IRRRL. Barclay Butler 224-420-9990,
Just like Mymortg said you need 30% equity in the house, with a lease. Most likely if you are refinancing you owner occupied home you will not need reserves. We can go to high ratios on a Conv. refi. Please call or email if you like. 224-420-9990,
Are there any lenders basing the income of the lender on recent bank statements rather than past tax reports?
I do work with a Jumbo investor that will do that but you need to finance at least 1 million.
is the equity you take out from refinancing a mortgage tax free?
Yes it is tax free. Please call or email me with any questions. Barclay Butler 224-420-9990,
Judgement on credit report
It depends on your bank if they will allow it. We only care that the judgement either been pd. off or a pmt. plan is in place. If you have any other questions please call or email me 224-420-9990, or
OK Mortgage Ins. I pay now $108.00 per mt. I want to refinance and i was told i'd have to pay the
You may be able to qualify for the HARP program. It depends on who owns your mtg. It also depends on when either fannie or freddie bought you loan. It has to be before 05/31/2009 to qualify for a HARP loan. I can check all of this info for you. Please call or email me Barclay Butler 224-420-9990,...
How long I have to wait if I sold my house in short sale without prejudice
That is correct 3 yrs. for FHA. If you have further questions call or email me . 224-420-9990. Barclay Butler
Own home value is 480k clear, nothing owed. Last yr had default on other home. Can I get a loan?
When you say default, does that mean you lost the home in a foreclosure. Barclay Butler. 224-420-9990.
I just paid off my first house. What steps do I need to take to buy my second home?
You just need to fill out an application. You need 10% down, with a 620 credit score. Please call or email if you have any questions. 800-301-5626. Barclay Butler. You can also fill out an application on my secure website. www.
I did a short sale 3 years ago. Do i qualify for a mortgage now?
FHA financing will allow you to buy after 1 yr, with extenuationg circumstances. If not you can go FHA after 3 yrs. Call or emal me I am located in East Dundee IL. 224-420-9990 or Barclay Butler Financial Inc.

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