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Our mission is to be the #1 online and retail mortgage lender in America, and we believe we will get there by making YOU #1 on our priority list. Our experience in this industry has taught us how to use technology in your favor to get a competitive rate and give you the service others are not. This is why 95% of our clients recommend us, and we hope you'll do the same.

What makes us different.

*Best of both worlds. We are a direct lender but we have the ability to broker, with access to 40 other lenders.
*No "Good Faith Deposit", no application fee - set up your file, send out disclosures, lock your rate, and process your loan - all at no cost upfront.
*Low rate and fee Guarantee

HARP 2.0 Simplified Home Affordable Refinance Program We are one of the first lenders to offer the Harp program to our clients and that gives us the advantage of experience to 1. Ensure Fannie or Freddie backs your...
8:30 economic releases took the small improvements out of the bond market this morning and improved the weak stock index futures which were trading lower. Weekly jobless claims were thought to be up 7K, as reported claims...

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