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VA Mortgage Husband Currently Active
Yes you can. Please forward your loan scenario to me and I can get you a rate quote. My email is bboyke@wintrustmortgage.comThanks,Brett Boyke630-834-3482
Can I refi with LTV of 95%?
You should be eligible for either the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac refinance program, allowing you to refinance your balance without having to take on mortgage insurance (since you did not have MI at the time you purchased your home).
New Home
The X factor in determing your ability to qualify is your other obligations that show up on your credit report in determining your abilty to afford the home. In general if all check out, you should be in the low 4% range with that credit score.Brett Boyke - 630-598-2392Wintrust Mortgage
I have excellent credit but show low income. My husband has horrible credit from a failed business including foreclosures but high
The best way would be for you to purchase the home with you as the occupying borrower, and have a non-occupying co-borrower on the loan with good credit and income to compensate for you not having enough income to do this on your own. You could have your husband on title to the property, but he cannot be on...
Only been employed in mi for 1 month. Left ca and job (34yrs). Who will give me a loan?
It depends largely on the gap in time between jobs, and if it is in the same line of work.
we are doing lease to purchase at this point and paying off all our credit cards
As long as it is still an active account, it is still considered a debt. If you pay off the balances, you will have a very minimal impact on your DTI. The other benefit will be a very low balance to available credit ratio, which is viewed as a positive from a FICO scoring standpoint.
What refinance options are available for jumbo loans with high LTV?
I have a couple of different options for your scenario, and I can lend in MO. Please feel free to contact me so I can fully understand your scenario.

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