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Brad Miller's Answers

5/1 ARM or 30 year fixed rate jumbo?
I have all Jumbo ARM types your looking for. We have the best rates in the country. Call me or email me or 267-296-9185 directly to my desk. thank you!
what are the rates in FL for a 15 year fixed
I would like to discuss your options with you. We have rates as low as 2.5%APR.depending on your criteria. Please call me to review. 2672969185
can we refi in my husbands name?
Absoluteley. There are a few ways to go about this. I would love to discuss your options with you. Please call me 267-296-9185 thank you Brad Miller
I had a FhA loan 5 years ago..I sold the house..Do i still qualify for an fhA loan?
Absolutely you would qualify for an FHA loan. You are able to have an FHA loan on a primary home as long as you meet the criteria to qualify for that loan. Please feel free to call me to review your options as there are many more options other than FHA available in todays crazy market. Brad 267 884 0032
i'm looking to refi thru fha streamline, would fico 670 get a good rate?
Absolutely. Please call me to discuss. 2672969185
Can we apply lender credit to reduce mortgage balence?
Hello, unfortunately you cannot apply lender credit to the mortgage balance. You can sometimes, depending on the lender receive a principal curtailment up to a certain percentage. This in layman terms would be a reduction in mortgage balance but technically not called that.
Is there a credit limit for 100% financing VA loans
I can help you! Call me so we can get you into a house ASAP!!! 267-296-9185 brad miller
how much equity would i need to do a cashout refi?
Absolutely! Not only can you do a cash out VA loan but i can get you the best rate available. 267 296 9185
obtaining a VA construction loan?
VA is a great option for you. Please call me 267 296 9185 or email Being a VET myself, i have a vast knowledge of VA products. Please dont hesitate to call me or email me. thank you. Brad Miller
630 credit score 80/20 loan to value ratio 5.5% 30 year fixed
Hello,Im not quite sure what your asking here but from the looks of it your rate is very high. Please contact me in order to save yourself some money. 2672969185 or
Jumbo loan in CT? What rate can I expect?
hi Kelly, that would depend on your criteria. I am more then willing to help you at any time. Please call me or email beBrad Miller Branch Manager - NMLS# 205711AnnieMac Home Mortgage700 East Gate Drive, Suite 400Mount Laurel, NJ 08054Office: 866-312-6682 Ext:4283 | Direct:856-437-8023Mobile:...
My 2nd mortgage term is expiring in six months. Can I get another one to cover outstanding balance?
you can refinance your first mortgage and combine the two or do a refinance of the first and get a new 2nd.
co-op purchase
we would need to review more of the details. Please call us. Tel: 856-252-1824 Ext. 4478Cell: 609-923-0774

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