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Bob Betel's Answers

Which loan program works best if I plan on staying in the house for 3-5 years before selling? Adjustable loan or other option?
If you are planning to stay in your house for only 3-5 years, an adjustable loan would work just fine. But a 30 year fixed rate, at the low rates we have now would be better in the long run. Many consumers think they only stay 5 years, but things can change, and they wind up staying longer. You have to look at it in...
how long is the typical loan process?
While the standard is 30 days, we have closed loans in as little as 8 days. It depends on the appraiser, title company and the buyer and how fast they get the information to the lender. I can be reached at 865-561-5007, should you have any questions.
Is 580 score approved by most lenders?
Most lenders are looking for a 620 score for a conventional loan. With a 580 score you can get a FHA loan though.

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