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Bobby Wallace's Answers

Any advice on how to raise a credit score?
There are several options; check out my FREE Online Credit Optimization Workshop I have one lender that will loan at a 600 score...providing that you have a 12 month rental history and debt to credit ratio is normal.
do I need a doctors note for fha loan if on disability?
Yes...unfortuanately you need a note from the Doctor ( Lat years will not do) You will have a bettet chance of finding a Unicorn than finding a Doctor who will GUARANTEE disability income three years from now. Good luck!
My score is about 550, is it possible to get a mortgage?
Afrang....No one is going to touch you... today...but if you find a local mortgage person that will help you get your score up, you could probably be in your new home by the first of the year. We are a local South Carolina lender that helps home buyers with credit issues build/rebuild their credit. Good luck! Bobby...
If your credit report is showing that it is a conventional is probably a conventional loan, not a FHA loan. Regardless of what type of loan that it is, your relative relative would have to qualify (credit, DTI and income) toassume; If your relative can would probably be just as easy for...
how much will a short sale affect my credit?
Sorry you're having to go thru the short sale process....but it could be worse; the shortsale could cause a drop of 50-80 points. More importantly it will prevent you from obtaining loans/financing for several years (unless there are extenuating circumstances). No way to mitigate - just do...
Can I qualify for a conventional loan?709 credit score,5years since my bankruptcy finalized, and6years since a foreclosure started
Probably not due to government regulations/guidelines...and you have probably already talked with a bank/lender who didn't tell you what you wanted to hear:)...but you may have other options. Find you a good loan officer that will take the time to work with you to help you get from where you where you...

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