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Brentwood Pacific Financial has been Serving the Orange, LA and Inland Empire for 30 years! We have loan options to fit all budgets and markets. We work with many lenders Nationwide and we work for you not the Banks! Do you have a difficult property to refinance? Are you having trouble refinancing because of Low Income or Fixed Income? HARP 2.0 Might be just the program for you, if your property is upside down and you have been told no it is not possible to refinance many times, give us a try. We have helped many borrowers over the years refinance even when they had been turned down many times. There is no magic, we just try a little bit harder and do a bit more research and home work on your file before we just say, Denied! We are in your Area and we look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand, were in the neighborhood, We serve Orange, LA, and Inland Empire and recently added the Great state Of Washington

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