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Brad Shoemaker's Answers

Hi there, I just got a personal loan to consolidate our debt, we really want to buy a house instead of renting... my husband suggested we should wait for few monrths before apply for mortgage loan since our credit was just pulled few days ago, what is your opioon on this?
i am here local in Va Beach and the Hampton Roads area. I would try now beofre rates go up. The new loan shoul dnot impact you that mush. My name is Brad Shoemaker and my cell is 757 685 3913.
What kind of loan and interest rate can i qualify for with a credit score of 622 in Virginia?
depends on your loan type. FHA and VA are low 4's and Conventional mid to upper 4's. Call me (757 ) 685 3913.Thanks!Brad ShoemakerSenior Loan Officer
Can i use money from cash-out and put into savings?
yes you can . Call me 685 3913 and i will explain
do lenders require letters of explanation for missed credit card payments dating 3+ years back?
depends on the whole picture. Sometimes they willl if there is a lot of adverse credit or if you havd a previous bankruptcy or foreclosure
What banks in virginia do construction loans using va?
VA does not have a construction loan. We do a Construction loan , then :" take it out " with a VA end loan

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