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Brenda Rogers's Answers

is there an age limit on a VA morgage loan?
There is no age requirement for a VA loan. A person must be 18 years old. Please call me at 305-338-7000 if I can help further.
What are average loan closing times today?
Our average at Supreme Lending is 27 days but if it is a rush we can do in 10 days with a complete file. We do 87% purchase loans though very few refinances. Any questions or if I can help? Brenda Rogers 305-338-7000.
Im in process of trying to buy a home from a owner without realtor, is it possible?
Yes you can negotiate yourself and use a title company to hold em. If you are in need of financing too I can help or call me 305-338-7000.
What are your points on a 30 year mortgage for $283,000?
There are no origination or points on Government loans here.

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