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Can we get a mortgage?
I have a pretty nifty chart on my blog regarding the time frame you have to wait after bankruptcy or foreclosures:!!!I hope that helps. But from what you've described, you unfortunately can't get a mortgage. Even w/...
Can a FICO score of 600 buy really anything these days?
Yes it can, you might just need to work a little harder to either improve it (which can be done, you can easily gain 20-100 points by making a few changes to your debt/credit ratio) or you are able to provide good trade lines/steady timely payment history.Don't lose hope!
can i refi INTO a VA loan, adding my wife who is actually in the armed forces
Yes, that is acceptable as long as the Veteran has full entitlement available as you are not paying off a VA loan. The Veteran/spouse if active duty must certify as to intent to occupy if this applies...
What is the cost on a 3.875 15 year loan with credit score of 710? Im in Vegas if that matters
Costs are determined by the sales price of the property but closing costs normally range from 4 - 6% of the sales price. The lower the sales price the higher on the scale the closing costs. Hope that helps. Thank you and hope you consider contacting The Brenda Casas Mortgage Team for your mortgage needs.

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