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Brett Bostwick's Answers

Refinancing invesment properties?
If your relative owns 4 or less units, they can cash out but if they own 5 to 10 units, it is restricted to refinancing the balance and cash out is not allowed. Please feel free to contact me locally at 802-482-6766.
Can I qualify for an investment loan using income from a rental property?
Yes you can. If you have 2 years rental income on your tax returns, we will use that. If you just bought the property and have no rental income on your tax returns, we can use the lease agreements. I am located in Hinesburg, VT, so feel free to give me a call to discuss your situation. Thanks.
What credit score is necessary to qualify for the lowest down payment option for an FHA loan?
It varies by lender but the minimum credit score my company can do is is 620. I am a local broker that would be glad to assist you.

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