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Brian Curl's Answers

What's best way to refi? Owe 330k worth 450k@ 6.3%. Plan to stay in house 1 more yr.
I would advise if it makes sense, take a higher rate so that the lender can cover most if not all of your closing costs. Then, after you close and get a refund of your escrow account, apply that to the new mortgage. Also, do not skip any payments, save the payments that you will miss because of the refinance...
How much money will I have to pay upfront to buy a home?
Hello, if you are buying in Jefferson County you would need at a minimum of 3.5% down payment, so on a 100k $3500. In addition, once you get a contract you will need to get a home inspection (approx $300) and pay for the home appraisal ($400 or so).I am a first time homebuyer specialist. Louisville Metro also...
Refinancing and Reverse Mortgage question
Hi, My name is Brian Curl and I am a loan officer here in Louisville. I'd be glad to help you with a refinance. You can reach me anytime on my cell phone at 502-671-3468. Thanks - Brian.
Can I get a no cost refinance?
Jordan, it is possible to do a very low or no cost refinance if you get an experienced lender that can structure a good deal for you. Also, an upfront lender that will tell you the reality - you can't get the lowest rate with no costs, so in other words, your rate will be slightly higher than the...
Can recent unemployment affect me getting a mortgage?
I believe you will need a 2 year employment history before you will qualify since you have not worked the last 14yrs.
How long after a foreclosure can I apply for a new home mortgage?
Actually, I think FHA has the shortest required wait after a foreclosure which is 3yrs. Conventional will be longer. Keep your credit straight, have at least 3 accounts including one revolving and make sure not to have any late payments. In 3 years you should be ready. Also, of course saving money and have...
Can I refinance after Bankruptcy?
Is it a Ch7 or Ch13? What month/year was it discharged or dismissed?
I would like to purchase a home that you bought on 4/24/2013 at master comissioner sale in bardstown
Hi James, please email me at or give me a call at 502-671-3468. I should be able to help. Thanks.
What type of loan has the most stringent form of credit guidelines?
Conventional Mortgage loans have the strictest credit/underwriting/debt ratio qualifications.
what\'s the estimated closing costs on a va loan around 280k ?
Hi Paula, I can do VA loans with no closing costs. You can reach me on my cell at 502-671-3468 and I can give you a detailed quote. You can learn more about me at my website -, I'm in Louisville.
are there any govt grant programs for first time buyers?
We can do a USDA Rural Housing loan or FHA. Please call me at 1-866-766-1908. I'm in Louisville. My website is: briancurlhomeloans.comThanks - Brian
Should we have more than 1 mortgage company to figure what our monthly payment will be, or is it about the same from one company to the next?
Get at least 2 quotes. Please call me at 866-749-8922, I am a local Loan Officer here in Louisville KY.Here is HUD's settlement cost booklet that will tell you how to compare lenders. have a best rate and fee...
daniel Marlin
Hello, please call me at 502-671-3468 to discuss your question or email,Brian CurlNMLS 86988
If my credit score is 590, can i still get a loan?
We can go to 500 on FHA with 10% equity on a refinance or purchase. My number is 502-671-3468. Thanks.
Can I refinance with bad credit?
Hello, it is possible depending on the situation. We can help with scores as low as 500 on FHA loans if you have at least 10% equity. Please call me if you want to discuss. 502-671-3468. Thanks, Brian.

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