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Brian Phillips's Answers

What loans require the smallest downpayment possible?
Hello RockOn - I have 3 options that do not require a downpayment and may allow you to borrower enough to help cover your costs associated with the purchase. I help you decide which of the programs is the best based on your needs, not ours...

We are able to fund and FHA mortgage credit scores starting at 580. We are able to help most client bump up their score by 10-30 points depending on what's reporting on your credit report. Feel free to reach out to me at if you'd like to talk.Brian PhillipsBank of England dba...
Are lot dimensions required for fha?
Lot size is not needed by FHA but your appraisal will give the amount of square feet that lot is. They will take a look at see what % of the overall value the land is in comparison is to the house.
daniel Marlin
Hello Daniel. What's your question?
If my credit score is 590, can i still get a loan?
My company is able to go down as low at 580 with 3.5% down. There are still other guidelines but those are easy enough to take a look at with an email or phone call (502.414.1684) - Brian Phillips @ ENG Lending
First time home buyers.
Individuals with your scenario can usually have their credit scores increased to help you qualify for better programs. A qualifying score of 620 will get you a much better mortgage that's less expensive. Having little debt and making 4k a month is great. Let me know if you'd like to discuss....

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