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Do you prefer 16% odds or 99% odds?
If you choose your mortgage lender solely based on rates, you can only hope for "average" service. A recent survey conducted by J.D. Powers for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America shows only 16% of consumers said they were "delighted" with their mortgage originator (the company that handled their loan up front). A miserable 69% of mortgage clients nationwide report being at least "satisfied" with their mortgage origination company.

At Accunet Mortgage, 99% of our clients are so satisfied they would recommend Accunet to a friend, relative or co-worker. Now that's delightful!

How do we get that kind of reaction from clients? We think it's because we work hard to provide a truly unique blend of expert advice, world-class service, convenience, and oh yes, low rates. Be sure to check out our customer comments page.

Haven't heard of accunetmortgage?
Accunetmortgage was founded in 1999 and has quickly grown to become the 7th largest mortgage banker headquartered in Southeast Wisconsin. Our service area also includes Illinois and Florida. We've helped clients save money on more than $1.2 billion in mortgages including $605 million in loans closed during 2002 alone. That's more than most banks! We're also proud to have been selected as a Future 50 Company and an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist by Ernst & Young for the second consecutive year.

More than low rates... No Junk Fees!
Most internet mortgage lenders claim to have the "lowest rates" but what about their fees? At accunetmortgage, there's only one fee we charge at closing, a $350 loan processing fee. And we use most of that money to pay for the long list of "nickel and dime" fees other lenders charge you on top of their loan processing fees.

The only other fees on your loan are ones that actually get paid to other service suppliers such as the title insurance company, the appraiser, the loan closing agent, and the credit reporting company.

On most days, we're also able to give you a rebate on your closing costs which makes our already low fees even lower. The rebate amount varies each day and depends on the type and size of your loan. You can see how much of a rebate is available simply by checking our rates.

How do we price so low?
There's only one way to deliver the best rates and that's to shop. At accunetmortgage, we do the shopping for you among the nation's leading wholesale mortgage providers. Our sophisticated computer system picks the best deal for your precise loan amount and loan type. And if there's any excess profit on a particular day, we give it back to you as a rebate on closing costs!

We're among the elite group of mortgage originators known in the industry as "correspondents." Unlike ordinary mortgage brokers, correspondents like accunetmortgage command better prices and lower fees from wholesale mortgage buyers because of our substantial net worth and financial responsibility. The bottom line is that we get a better deal so you do, too.

That's our story . . . .
Low rates, no junk fees, and truly amazing service. We'll exceed your wildest expectations. We know you'll enjoy doing business with accunetmortgage. We look forward to showing you why 99% of our customers would do business with us again, or would recommend us to someone just like you!

Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee #5724
Wisconsin Registered Mortgage Banker #1270
Florida Correspondent Lender License #CL0101290

Executive Officer:
Brian J. Wickert
President and Managing Owner

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