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Robert Brown-farley's Answers

3 addresses on our mortgage, now PMI insurers will not insure us
There is the option to BOND together and individually
Do you help find a bank for refinance that supports the HARP program?
We have support - HARP program @
Can we get a reverse mortgage on a log cabin?
Yes you financed it thus its reversable .
regarding credit and lenders
Your credit rating though poor to low could easily enhance if someone you know is willing to co-sign or... open an escrow account or... or establish yourself in a credit union... In short, there are several options including working with credit building services.
Finding a mortgage company
Yes, you will find many lending institutes more than willing BUT you are at their mercy on interest rates, and they know it.
home equity loan
I truly dont know why your lender declined. HR loans are common place and HEE loans are on the up. Home Remodling loans are taken out for roofing, new siding, new window, replacing carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, floors, and basements, as well as foundations. They range from 10,000 to 50,000....
Should I do FHA or conventional when I have more than 3.5% downpayment?
I WOULD Elect the CONVENSIONAL for many reasons. R&Rs are less strengent for one. Interest Rates are better for two. And with "Great Credit" you should have no problem locking in a terific mortgage. Good Luck.
If there are two owners on a Deed of Trust are both signatures needed for a Home Equity Loan in Washington State?
YES, Unless its an "and or" or just an "or" between names. If its only an "and" then both are required under contract law and real property laws. The only notable exceptions are death or terminally ill with doctor's diagnoses mental deteration and a power of...
FHA or 5% Conventional
LETS CUT TO THE CHASE: FHA Why? Think of all the "potentials" you pointed out. There may be some "potential" pluses going conventional but are willing to gamble your money, your home, your families roof on "potentials?" And is a "potential" year or so...
Can my parents purchase a home on their street and I live in it and make the mortgage payments?
I DONT SEE WHY YOUR Parents could not buy the house. We had 5 houses on the same block, and my folks bought 2 more... on the adjacent block. I am not certain of California law but my current neighbor has 6 houses within a 4 block radius. My former neighbor had 2 side by side and the neighbor next to him had 3. We still...
Loan qualification after Chapter 7 discharge BUT house included in BR still sits with deed.......
I HAVE TO ALSO AGREE WITH William. I have only found a few lenders that will speculate a lending on any employment under 2 and 3 years preference on a bankrupcy lend. These current 2 factors are not in your favor though your credit score is improving.
Worth refinancing?
YES, Getting a conventional loan would benefit you. I dont have the software mentioned but I ran it by a colleague who said that it would be a big plus for you...
What closing costs would a VA homeowner be required to pay when selling a home?
I do not believe there is a Seller(s) Closing Cost. There might be a Brokerage Fee ? If so this might be as low as $250 or $1.oo per thousand based on principal. Closing Cost is however the Buyer(s) responsibility.
My wife and I want to purchse a home but we have bad credit we have enough income but bad credit to be approved
I AGREE with William at Velocity. I would add that having a good co-signer standing by would be a plus. Working with a credit repair service to help clean up the past history will work to your advantage as well.

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