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Bryan Horn's Answers

Should I let my 7-1 ARM just reset ? They aer telling me it will be cheaper than what I am paying at 5.25% for a jumbo.
no that is has been 3 years since your question, why don't you post what happend with your loan? a real life education would be great for all - thanks!
Now that FHA pmi lasts the loan's lifetime, will conventional loans always be a better option?
If you can save a 3.5% down payment then you might as well save another 1.5% or take a loan from your 401k and go conventional. That way you don't have those high Mortgage Insurance (MI) payments.But if you must go FHA because you had a short sale within the last 3 years or a recent foreclosure then go FHA...
I bought a vacation home in Lake Tahoe a year ago. Can I refinance if I am renting it out?
yes - max loan is 75% of the value of the house. Cash out is ok too... Fremont Bank lends in CA and NV and we can get the loan done inside of 30 days!
What is the best way to save for a down payment, tax-wise?
Forget saving for a down-payment as you probably won't be able to save enough money fast enough to keep up with the rising prices of real estate. I'd get an FHA loan and it only needs 3.5% down and that down can be fully gifted to you. In other words, a family member, employer or government entity can give you...
Should I buy an investment property?
why not buy a 2 bed room condo and rent out the 2nd room? Or buy a duplex and live in the other side rather than rent...To qualify you will need to be working a full time job and your pre-tax income must be more than double of your total monthly debts.
When can we "reasonably" expect to be able to refi (r/t only) after modification.
You have to get that score over 640 but 660 or 680 is better. Start by not paying 30 days after the due date - that's when it goes on your credit report as a late.
i have only been at my job for 6 months will i need a cosigner to get a mortgage
Maybe/depends. If you just graduated college with a Bachelors degree and you are working in the field of your study and you qualify by yourself, then you will not need a co-signer. Co-signers are common for first-time buyers. Call or email me and we can get you prequaled. Best Regards,Bryan858...
What is the best way to compare refinance offers from a couple of lenders ? Do we ask for good faith estimates
call or apply online with your most trusted bank or get a good referral from a friend...If you get bad service or denied, i'll be glad to assist you. Bryan Horn 858-805-5347
will harp 3 happen and would it take place this year?
I'm hearing that Congress is leaning away from Harp 3.0 because the FHFA (the FHA) is losing money. These non-Fannie and non-Freddie loans that are underwater would be bailed out by the government (FHA) which is already DEEP in debt! Congress is afraid to bring on more and more debt....I believe tho that the...
I currently have an FHA loan now and want to know if it better to switch to conventional now that the value of my home is higher?
Refi to a conventional loan as long as you have 20% equity and reduce your payment. Even though the conventional rate may be higher - your tax deduction will be higher too!Call or email me for a no-drama benefit analysis. bryan.horn@fremontbank.com510-972-8375
Do you suggest an arm loan if i\'m only looking to keep a new house for 10 years?
I will be the contrarian point of view on this question. I say take a 30 yr fixed loan and in 10 yrs when you want to move, you should rent out the house and have someone pay your mortgage. First off - you will save 6% in equity as you will have to give that 6% of the sale price to the realtors to sell your house.20 yrs...

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