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Brad Tippett's Answers

Can get a construction loan on house i own-
This seems doable without knowing all the particulars. IN today's market, I would suggest discussing & confirming financing can be done prior to ordering an appraisal. Furthermore, you should consult a broker as opposed going direct to a lender. Many more financing options & alternatives to...
What is LTV
Yes, LTV is a percentage of the purchase price/appraised value. A pre-approval/pre-qual is a must in today's environment. A realtor will not show you a home without it. Feel free to contact me @ 203-221-2661
Should i be preapproved (or prequalified - not sure what the diff is) before visiting open houses
They are virtually the same thing. Only difference is actual lenders issue pre-approvals, whereas mortgage brokers issue a pre-qual (because they are not a lender). The document is the same, especially if you are working with a broker who takes the time to do all the due diligence involved...Not...
are there any loans for only 10% down and no mortgage insurance?
Absolutely, so long as it is your primary residence.Depending on the loan size & other compensating factors, you could do as little as 5% down...If interested, please call 203-221-2661. My name is Brad Tippett & my company is GC Financial ServicesI am located in Westport, CT.
do conventional mortgages have pmi insurance?
You can finance as little as 5% down with NO PMI. If you would like to learn more, call my office @ 203.221.2661
is it possible to do a conventional loan for a condo at 95% LTV?
Yes, you can do as little as 5% down w/ no mortgage insurance.Contact me if interested @ 203.221.2661
Rates for conventional mortgages for high DTI borrowers
Absolutely you qualify. Guidelines allow up to 50% DTI.I am in Westport. My office is 203.221.2661. Happy to sit down & go through all the intangibles involved...
Can your company get me a commercial Down Payment for a Property of $1,700,00?
How & why would a company provide a down payment for a borrower on any purchase, whether residential or commercial?We provide financing only, residential & commercial.
Current 203K standard loan rates in CT?
Of course it's ridiculous.... It's FHA. My question is WHY are you doing FHA when there are programs that offer 3% down w no PMI? email @
Do you do refianace on reverse mortgages?
yes we do.Call the office Monday 8/13 to discuss. 203.221.2661

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