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Byron Pike's Answers

Can a lender change my rate the day before closing?
No, they would have to do it at the very least 3 days in advance.
are there lenders who lend 90% of home value?
Hi, yes there are several programs that allow you to go above 80% LTV. But, there will be mortgage insurance, we offer several options for that as well. I am licensed in the state of TN and would love to help you accomplish what you are looking for. My number is 980-265-8011 and my website is www...
Hi there, I just got a personal loan to consolidate our debt, we really want to buy a house instead of renting... my husband suggested we should wait for few monrths before apply for mortgage loan since our credit was just pulled few days ago, what is your opioon on this?
Give me a call I am licensed in Virginia and would love to have a conversation with you. It is a good idea to get pre-approved now and buy now while the market is in your favor. If there are issues with you credit or debt to income ratios you have time to improve them and still take advantage of this buyers...
is there lenders out there will approve only few thousand dollars down morgage?
Yes, there are and I would be one of those lenders, I am licensed in Virginia and would love to have a conversation with you to discuss options. Give me a call 980-265-8011
Hi, want to move from Colorado to South Carolina. Looking at buying a home with a USDA loan. Can I do that with transferring with my current job here to SC. I have excellent credit and no debt.
Yes, I am licensed in South Carolina and would be more than willing to assist you. Give me a call at 980-265-8011 or shoot me a reply.
were are your office at nc sc
Charlotte, NC 980-265-8011,

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