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40 year career span covers Multitasking in the fields of Real Estate Brokerage, Mortgage Brokerage, State of Indiana Tax Examiner , State of Indiana Internal Control Accountant and Public Speaking. My position in life as a mother of 4, grandmother of 4 and wife of 38 years strengthened my ability to become a career multitasker!

My education over the span of my 40 year Multitasking career includes an Associate Degree in Computer Science. Just 3/10th of a point away from a 4.0 grade point average gave me the distinct honor of graduating with the status of "GRADUATE OF HONORS". Paying for my education as I went kept me from being in debt with student loans. Attending college while raising a family, working as a Tax Examiner, assisting my husband in his Union Elected position made life very tight and these are the contributing factors to my ability to multitask.

Continuing Education has been a part of my life since 1979. A feeling that something was missing after the children were grown and on their own and with the real estate and mortgage industry having the blues as well my husband knew that there was something missing in my day to day activities. He told me I needed to go back to school. So I did. I looked at becoming a financial representative and took the Florida courses to get my 215-life health and annuities license. I the took a series 6 and series 7 course on investing in the stock market. Those courses were the missing spoke in my wheel. They completed the circle of business I had been in all these years. The world of real estate and mortgage had started to come out of the blues but not enough for me to support myself yet. So I took the Florida General Lines Insurance course. Once I held the Florida 215 and 220 Insurance Licenses, I went back and got my new NMLS Mortgage Loan Officer license for the State of Floridia.

Multasking in 2014, still in possession of my real estate broker's license I have added the Florida 215 & 220 Insurance license and the new NMLS Mortgage Loan Originator license. Additionally, I have gained knowledge on how the stock market works. What a great country I live in and what a great family I have with me.

Currently, I hold the position of "Loan Originator Specialist" with Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp. working out of the Stuart Florida Branch. Holding the title of Loan Originator is special enough, however holding the license as Loan Originator with 40 years in the real estate industry, 24 years in the mortgage industry, 8 years experience as a Tax Examiner and 24 years designated "CTM" with Toastmaster's International honors me with the title of "Specialist".

Photograpy, reading, writing, painting, swimming, fishing, going to the beach and sitting around a bon fire with good friends are my past time activities.

My Mission is to provide my customers with a home loan while obtaining the best loan program for them along with the lowest interest rate I can. I assist all customers with integrity and honesty. Roadblocks happen many times and my mission is to assit my customers through those roadblocks, if they pop up. The ultimate goal for me is to make all my customers a part of my mortgage family for life.

Areas of expertise include working with real estate investors to build their portfolio, public speaking events in seminar style and workshop style. Working with Real Estate Agents to assist their clients in getting the financing they need to complete the transaction. I have sat in their seat and understand their needs and objections therefore I can head off any problems and I can guide the buyer without the real estate agent having to get involved in every transaction, allowing them to use their time more efficiently.

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