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Carole Witt's Answers

what is the mortage payment for a $275,000.00 home with a 673 credit rating
Frank, I have calculated a base payment for you under a conventional mortgage. I am assuming you won't be going FHA. However, I cannot complete the entire payment without knowing if you are including taxes and insurance into your payment and if there is a Home Owner Association that needs to be added....
Can you have co-borrower on a conventional loan?
Yes! Keep in mind that although a co-borrower and co-signer are the same thing, in the mortgage world a co-borrower has to provide everything, the same as the borrower. This would include credit checks, providing income and bank information.
Could i get a HELOC with a 640 fico?
Yes, a HELOC is available with a 640 score, however, there are many more factors involved in the approval process. Although the HELOC is not as involved as a first mortgage you will still need to provide verification info. Typically you will need to complete a financial statement, provide income...
Homepath mortgage qualifications for credit
Both credit scores are within the range of qualifying. I have worked some Homepath loans and I can tell you Homepath, among others will look at more than the score. The total debt versus income. Sounds like your wife would be fine but the best thing for you to do would be to seek out a lender near you from the...

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