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Servicing the entire area of Florida -- We can pre-qualify you for a new home within 15 minutes and email you a copy of your credit report! Your approval comes with no further obligation for you to work with us. Throughout the lending process we provide regular updates -- NO rate lock fee, NO Application fee -- Call Today! Double A Mortgage -800 813 3291

1 Month Out Of Bankruptcy!
Today I sit in a brand new home thanks to picking of the phone and trying one last time with Cash Cow! Thanks Guys. All that was needed was a verifiable 12 payment history on time with the BK Administrator and permission from the courts to enter into a new purchase transaction. These guys got it done -- -- Glad I did! Philip Money Skidmoore
By skidmoore on August 21, 2013
At last - This loan program and this loan company saved the day for sure. We owed $165,000 on the home and it appraised for 110k. Wow - we were told at every corner it couldn't be done. Glad we gave this local family owned business a TRY. Today our refinance is history - Thanks Cash Cow. - MSch -Tampa Florida
By sullymikes on June 11, 2013
Very Good Brokers Here
We are located out of state; buying a 2nd home in Florida. We didn't have to call 3 different lenders to get approved - we called this one and closed. Our family is very happy - Thanks Cash Cow. Susan And John
By sgilbe_154_757 on June 5, 2013
Wells Fargo And Bank Of America Said NO
These guys dont get half the credit they deserve. The mortgage brokers and bankers I met here at this shop have there stuff together and that's about all there is to it. My wife and I were denied by both of the big banks only to have Cash Cow Funding approve and FUND the loan 2 weeks later. Thanks guys. Sure glad we didn't give up the search before finding you -- For sure. Ken Wasil
By kwasil_405_956 on June 4, 2013
chart_bar Mortgage Rates: 11 Result(s) Found
30-year-fixed $808.35 3.750 1.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 60 No Sep 19
20-year-fixed $808.35 3.990 0.500 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 60 No Sep 19
15-year-fixed $808.35 2.990 0.500 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 60 No Sep 19
10-year-fixed $808.35 2.875 0.880 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 60 No Sep 19
30-year-fha $808.35 3.500 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 30 No Sep 19
15-year-fha $808.35 3.250 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 60 No Sep 19
1-year-arm $808.35 2.990 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 30 No Sep 19
3-1-arm $808.35 3.500 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 30 No Sep 19
5-1-arm $808.35 3.250 0.000 0.500 $65,000 $417,000 30 No Sep 19
7-1-arm $808.35 2.990 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 45 No Sep 19
10-1-arm $808.35 3.990 0.000 0.000 $65,000 $417,000 45 No Sep 19
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Markets finally snapped their winning streak on concerns of Eurozone trouble with Cyprus. Despite the early sell-off, markets rose later in the week to erase most of the losses. For the week, the S&P500 lost 0.24%, the...
Mortgage rates will remain low, getting a home loan will continue to take a long time and refinancers will be tempted by zero-closing-cost mortgages. Those are some of the trends that mortgage industry insiders predict as the...
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Take two steps forward and one step back. That popular catchphrase is a good description of our economy of late, as good economic news continues to be tempered by some negative reports. There was mixed news in the Jobs Report...
Tampa, FL - Double A Mortgage comes to the rescue of seemingly unsellable homes and unloanable buyers. Double A makes use of some powerful attorneys to transfer mortgages and deeds to and from unsellable homeowners to...
Last Week in Review: There was good news on the housing front, plus inflation remains tame. Forecast for the Week: It's a holiday-shortened week and while the economic calendar may be quiet, earnings season heats up....
<p style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif;">If you have watched countless shows on television about flipping houses and making tons of money in a very short amount of time you've probably...
TAMPA, Fla. - Jan. 16, 2013 - The November Mortgage Monitor report released by Jacksonville-based Lender Processing Services (LPS) finds that the national foreclosure inventory dropped to 3.51 percent in November - an almost...

I love the state I live in.    When I was younger I couldnt wait to get out and as the time passed.......  I come to realize that I live in a state where a large percentage of the world comes to on vacation.   Blessed!  

When It comes to mortgages,  remember this key phrase - "It's not what your quoted going in, It's what you pay going out"

I believe in writing fair deals and I will do a deal for free if that means it beats my competition.    16 years and still going strong.     Give me call!   800 813 3291

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