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Corey Gee's Answers

Does anyone know a lender that works with fair/poor credit but good salary and 30% downpayment?
We can do a loan for you with a 550 FICO score or better but you have to have compensating factors.. Please give me a call so we can discuss. 610-233-0098.
Will filing jointly on my taxes affect my mortgage?
If you can qualify on your own, its no problem to remove her from the application. There also may be programs available to help regardless of your wifes credit. Perennial Funding is a PA based broker with access to many programs. Call me, I will be happy to help you navigate. My number is 610-233-0098.
need a home loan asp
What can I help you with? My name is Corey Gee from Perennial Funding, I'll be happy to help you any way I can. We have a few programs that may be available to you. (100%+Closing cost financing and a few other specialty programs). Feel free to call me direct at 610-233-0098.
where are you located and how come the website does not list central Vermont 411 lenders and phone numbers
We are located just outside of Philadelphia PA. Are you looking to buy in VT? My number is 610-233-0098. Our website is
can i use disability income for loan qualification?
Yes, as Lynn said it really depends on various factors. Are you going to be the only one on the loan? Do you happen to have any eligible VA benefits? Depending upon your situation, you may even qualify for a reverse mortgage (both purchase and refi). I'm happy to help anyway I can. Email me at...
will an appraisal from may work for selling this month?
In the lending world, appraisals are typically good for 90 days. Since you are looking to sell, the buyer will more than likely opt to have a new sales comparison schedule completed and if they are financing the purchase of your house the lender will more than likely require a whole new appraisal as well. ...
Length of time for mortgage close on FHA loan
30 days is typical, but can be done faster if your loan officer is thorough and you are responsive. If you want to get a pre-approval, I'm happy to help. You can email me at or call me at 610-233-0098
How can I pay off my mothers reverse mortgage of $400K on my home with an approximate appraised value of $420K?
I agree with the other's who have responded. First, will you be occupying the property as your primary residence? Do you happen to have VA benefits? If so, we can go up to 100% of the value. If you are not going to occupy the property, we can possibly use some of the equity from your primary residence and...
can I refinance a reverse mortgage
Yes, you must meet the current guidelines and there needs to be a benefit for you to do so. Please contact me at 610-233-0098 or and I will be glad to assist you. Corey Gee NMLS 247954
credit score needed for VA jumbo loan?
I am happy to help you work through this. We have access to a lot of VA programs. Please feel free to give me a call. 888-496-7291 or you can email me at We are located in Conshohocken PA. I look forward to working with you.
whats your phone number
610-233-0098, or you can email me at
How does home equity work?
I believe you are confused. The equity that you have in your home is simply the appraised value less any liens/mortgages secured by your property. In order to tap into your equity, you can obtain a home equity loan/line of credit, cash out refinance, or sell your property. If you need further assistance,...
Can I refi right after I purchase?
You can refinance without an issue if you the terms are favorable for you. Re-cast is an option as well if your lender will allow for it. What type of loan are you in? Conventional, VA, FHA, other? I'm happy to work up some options for you if you'd like. Please feel free to contact me at 610-233-0098 or...
What is the highest DTI that acceptable to get a loan?
Thank you for your question. There are various factors here. What type of loan are you doing? Are you a US Military Veteran? We can often times go as high as 60% DTI with compensating factors. Are you buying or refinancing? Please let me know if you'd like to discuss, there are generally ways to resolve DTI...
Does a refi on a condo typically take longer than a refi for a SFR?
The only reason a refinance should take this loan is if you are having qualification issues or the company you chose is able to complete your loan for some reason. What type of loan are you doing? Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, other? Your condo association must meet the guidelines, so perhaps...
Calculator Inquiry
I'm unsure what you are asking as we are a mortgage lender. Perhaps I can connect you with someone who can help? I'm assuming you are looking to build some form of web application that supports a mortgage/finance calculator?

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