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Chad Huffstetler's Answers

Should I shop outside of my credit union for a refinance?
Hey! I'm in Raleigh and know some of the local credit unions. It really depends on your goal whether or not the credit union is your best bet. If you'll contact me, I'll guide you in answering that question. I can be reached via any of the following methods: (919) 500-5270 x102,...
VA IRRRL loan needed without an appraisal
I'm currently working with a VA IRRRL client and we didn't have to have an appraisal. I will say that the previous replies from the other loan officers are correct as well depending on the situation. If you want to contact me feel free. My email is and my number is...
Can a home be denied a refinance due to waiving PMI on the original mortgage?
Whether or not you can refinance depends on the details of your current mortgage. What type of mortgage it is currently (FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA)? What date did you purchase your home? How far underwater are you? I could assist further if you could share this type of information with me. Feel free to...
FHA OTC Lender
Chris, I too have a lender to funnel this type of transaction to. Contact me for any further details (
Does any one in North Carolina provide Mortgage loans with a credit score of 600?
I can originate an FHA loan with credti score of 600. Of course, the credit score is not the only factor but I'd be glad to look at the scenario. Send me an email at
just seen the web. is it true you may get a loan with credit score 620?
Yes, it is possible depending on the lender and mortgage program you are wanting (FHA, USDA, Conventional, etc). There are other variables that go into qualifying other than credit score. So, if you would like to determine if you qualify contact me and I can guide you through the process!www...
can i get a conventinal loan with a credit score of 676
Simple answer is yes. Contact me and I'll be glad to go through the detail for you.
can i do VA streamline
Yes, you should be able to refinance using your husband's VA certificate of eligibility. However, it would not be a streamline refinance. The VA route may be good for you; yet, there may be a better option for your situation as well. I would be glad to assist you. You can contact me at either of the following...
You possibly could qualify for an FHA mortgage with 3.5% down. There are other factors that go into qualifying other than a credit score and income, however. Feel free to contact me and I can looking into your situation with you.Chad Huffstetler -
Home Value less than Pay-off Help
HARP (home affordable refinance program) is more than likely what you are referring to. I can help you with information. Send me an email:
Not sure what to do - pre-approval revoked
Based on the details you've provided, it appears that it should not have been an issue for qualification. Yet, without knowing the whole picture, it is hard to say with certainty. I would be glad to look at your scenario and see if you qualify. Feel free to contact me at or (919)...
Bankruptcy including mortgage in 2010 - qualification possible with bigger down payment?
If you have re-established credit you should be ok. I can definitely help you determine the best options for you and I am local to you. Lets talk. or 919-218-1419.
social security number
To get a rate quote, the social security number is not required. Only if you decide to apply for a mortgage will the social security number be needed. If you are looking for a local mortgage rate quote, feel free to contact me. Our company is locally owned in Raleigh. (Contact: or...
relocating - any help with mortgage?
Sure. Contact me at or 919-218-1419. I can help.
can I get a construction to perminate loan?
Simple answer is yes. However, your while scenario is needed to be looked at to determine how to work the loan. Contact me at
Does my spouse's income count for a loan?
It depends on many variables such as the loan type and/or how the loan is setup. If you would discuss your loan scenario, I can advise you specifically. Contact me at
It is possible. You would have to contact Midland Mortgage to find out. Yet, if you are interested in refinancing, I would suggest that you shop around for the best scenario for yourself. I can definitely help you explore your options. As a NC licensed mortgage professional (more specifically in the...
Is 95% LTV refinancing offered by anyone in May 2020?
Yes! We are doing them. Fee free to reach out to me. or 919-218-1419
How long to raise credit?
Hi! It is hard to say without being able to see your credit report/score. I'd be happy to assist with the questions. Feel free to reach out to me personally (

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