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Clint Hammond's Answers

What are some ways to pay down my mortgage faster?
The best thing you can do is talk to a good mortgage planner. You may or may not want pay it down faster. It all depends on what your objective is big picture. Given the choice of holding on to a mortgage loan with a rate in the 3's is better than having no mortgage at all. Paying off a mortgage in...
Are VA cashout refinances allowed for low equity?
VA cash out is limited to 90% loan to value. You can finance 100% with a purchase loan or a IRRL refinance but you're capped at 90% for cash out or a refi from a non-VA loan into a new VA loan. If you need the cash, your best bet will be a HELOC if you can find a local bank that will go to 95% CLTV. Depending on when you...

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