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I manage iLoan with my partner, Tom Garrity. You may have seen our commercials during such quality television as the NBA Playoffs, Robot Chicken, or the SyFy's Sharknado. I've been told I have a baby face, but don't be fooled. I've been doing mortgages since prime rate was 8.5% (That's since 1997, for non-nerds). When you meet me, I will probably be badly in need of a haircut but packing the latest technology, both hardware and software. You can have as much information from me as you can possibly stomach about your loan and the market. Just say stop when you've had enough. While many believe that I have no interests outside of work, I do enjoy spending time with my wife and our four weimaraners, fishing, and having my hopes dashed by the MN Vikings.

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The market is at a turning point for the worse due to growing worries about inflation. While it is not a problem right now (

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Consumer Handbook for Adjustable Rate Mortgages What You Should Know About HELOCs

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