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My career in real estate finance began in Houston 1990. By late 2008, I formed a corporation (the same one in operation today) and was able to really become competitive unlike ever before. MSN Money and Yahoo Real Estate published our rates as some of the best in Texas. Over the next 5 years we emerged as one of the most reliable places to get a home loan. We are very proud of our interest rates but we rather tell about our ability to take a complicated home loan and make it seem a whole lot easier than you ever would of expected.

We built the company on these main bullet points:

Excellent Pricing, the cost is clearly disclosed and guaranteed
Personal Service
Speed and Certainty
Delivering on what we promise

We do have references. I am licensed and you can check us out with the BBB Houston Chapter where there are zero complaints for the entire company. You can also just google Charley Caporina. Our customers tell us we communicate well and appreciate our estimated closing cost and interest rates are very accurate. If you are in the stage of looking for a home and need a reliable lender, call me. If you have to ever leave a message, I do call back quickly.

Thank you
This is not my first time with Charley, he refinanced my rental and the home I lived in- in 2009. Our family grew so we bought a bigger home. My now 2 rent houses just barely cash flowing with 15 year note (building equity fast)Also will say that when we went to closing, the fees estimated where exact,. not close but exact. In addition, his rates where always way lower than Chase or Wellsfargo, He does not advertise teaser rates, instead he delivers on that low rate you see advertised.
By lendfa_154_543 on April 20, 2013

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