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Mortgage Banking & Private Lending

Providing residential and commercial mortgages in California. With over 40 different lending partners, we'll find the perfect home loan for you.

Every client's loan is unique, which means you need a lender that is diverse. We provide residential and commercial mortgage financing for clients with all types of financial scenarios. As a direct lender, we have the capability to process, underwrite and fund our loans in-house, just as a the big banks do - but also have the flexibility to broker loans should a client require a niche loan product from one of our portfolio investors. To go along with our banking and brokering, we also have our concierge and private lending platforms. We've spent a lot of time and effort searching and building relationships with these private banks and personal lending partners, whom are able to offer very "outside the box" loan products and rates that consumers are typically not able to find on their own. While other banks may say NO, we have the relationships and extensive resources to say YES. Here are just a few types of loans we offer:

- Conventional
- VA
- Jumbo
- Interest Only
- Commercial
- Hard Money
- Bridge Loans
- Construction
- Stated Income
- Foreign National
- Bank Statement
- Asset Utilization
- Delayed Purchase

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