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Chris Johnson's Answers

Advice 1st Time Homebuyers
Congratulations on your decision to pay for your own mortgage instead of your landlords. I would not expect any huge problems. The loan process is not easy for most people these days. Collect your rent payment documentation such as cancelled checks (front and back) images used to pay the monthly rent....
Any less than 20% programs for Jumbos?
The bigger question is whether you can support both house payments and qualify for the new loan. With less than 30% equity in the departing residence, the lender will qualify you with the payments on both properties regardless of rental income.
Can anyone do a nocost/no fee Refi
Contrary to some others here, I suggest you go to Cash Call. You sound like someone wanting everything for nothing and a lender should beg for the business. You'll probably shop the rate all the way through the process and beat on the lender to give you something better. I haven't spent my time...

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